Searching for Sasquatch: Finding Proof of Existence

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DNAFor years, people have dedicated their time to finding the infamous and legendary bigfoot whether it is to simply see it, capture a picture, a photograph or some other sort of tangible evidence that bigfoot roams the world. To others, bigfoot is just a mythical laughable topic. Regardless of people’s personal thought about the bigfoot creature, the concept that such a creature is wondering around the woods is still questionable.

People have in the past come forward with photographs and audio clips claiming that they originate from bigfoot itself. However, are they just trying to capitalize on sensationalism or do they in fact have proof that is without a doubt not manipulated? We may never know. Only those with this so-called evidence know the truth. It is possible that the non-believers simply do not want to believe in the mystery of bigfoot at all and the truth of the unknown can be somewhat terrifying.

Regardless, the search is still on to find more evidence that bigfoot may exist. What is one of the best ways to prove something through forensics? Nothing other than proof with DNA.

DNA samples can be obtained through various different methods and it can be picked up from virtually anywhere that anyone or anything has come in contact with. Samples can come from hair, saliva, bone or teeth fragments, semen and blood. Therefore, if bigfoot were to wander through the woods, samples should be obtained from his path and following the footprints that the alleged bigfoot has left behind should be a good place to start in order to find samples of hair or even skin cells. Data analysts would then examine the samples to determine what their genetic make up are.

There are two different types of DNA which are classified as nuclear DNA or mitochondrial DNA. Nuclear DNA consists of chromosomes that are found in a eukaryotic cell nucleus. Mitochondrial DNA is obtained from the mitochondria of a small genome that can be found in damaged or small samples of biological material. Additionally, this type of DNA is passed down through genetics and if there happens to be an odd mutation or chromosome in this DNA, it can be concluded that the samples are either are or are not from humans or other animals. All biological material is comprised of cells and if bigfoot is in fact a living creature, the DNA will be unlike that of any other.

The process of analyzing data can take some time and can be expensive. DNA is typically used to determine paternity of a child or to gather evidence that links someone to the scene of a crime or to identify a body. A paternity test is pretty simple and consists of swabbing the mouth of the father to gather cells. This simple analysis is around $100. So when looking at the bigger picture, trying to piece together a puzzle of unknown genetics will be quite costly and could take a significant amount of time to figure everything out; maybe even years.

Unfortunately in this case, many types of DNA is labeled as useless junk DNA. Over 98 percent of DNA has been deemed garbage. In fact, many times it is incorrectly labeled so but it does not fit with a DNA analysts standards and regulations. There is little information available about the linkage of non-coding DNA and the DNA of genes depending on the arrangement of the nucleotides and molecules. However, more evidence is being shown that just because DNA is classified as “unknown” does not actually make it useless. Could this mean that remnants of bigfoot’s existence could have just been tossed to the wayside already because it was not coded similarly to that of a human or an animal? We may never know but as scientists continually try to make use of the non-coding DNA, it could determine whether or not some DNA could be that of bigfoot.

But how do we know that the DNA is from bigfoot? We do not have any other DNA samples that can be identified as bigfoot so what do we have to compare it with? The quest to find DNA of bigfoot is not a new endeavor and many individuals that are fascinated with the possibility of the existence of bigfoot are still hoping to piece together the puzzle genetically to answer the question if there is in fact a hairy, smelly large manlike creature that tromps through the lands. If so, is there more than one?

Previous investigators have found footprints. So where are the DNA samples from the footprints?

Previous research of DNA thought to be that of this hairy beast have come back definitively that it is of human origin. However, if bFf

igfoot is a type of ape, in theory, the DNA of it would be similar to that of apes and other related species. However, some still believe that they have uncovered possible DNA that is from bigfoot.

When it comes to scientists taking the DNA of bigfoot seriously, it would probably depend on the scientist’s personal beliefs. In one way, making the determination that DNA evidence conclusively is that of bigfoot, could lead to worldwide fame. However, some scientists are not ready to put their reputation on the line. In contrast, those scientists who do openly study the possibility of bigfoot DNA have had issues with being taken seriously by their peers and they are seen as completing ad hoc research on a pseudoscience. Scientific journals do not take many of these studies seriously and consider the study of the search of bigfoot to be nonsense of an unscientific nature. Many even may deem the search as “unethical.” It may be hard for a scientist or forensic analyst to step out on the limb and announce that they have found a genetic link that could be that of bigfoot for fear that they would forever throw their credibility out the window.

This scenario can be comparable to that of the Roswell alien mystery. Anyone who knows anything is either supposed to keep their mouths shut or else. Who is to say that DNA evidence hasn’t already been conclusively found? It could be an issue that there is some sort of conspiracy to keep knowledge secretive in order to keep control on any mass chaos or sensationalism in the breakthrough of uncovering DNA from bigfoot. So does the DNA evidence already exist? No one may ever know and if a scientist or forensics specialist does regard the discovered DNA evidence as ‘unusual’ and that of a possible bigfoot species, will it ever be leaked or regarded as truth? So it is an issue of conspiracy and integrity rather than scientific evidence and proof as well as an end to what could be a genetic puzzle that could possibly even link the genetic gap of humans and apes together.

What would happen if we do discover that DNA evidence of bigfoot does exist? It depends on the person. Those who are in search of the DNA would be thrilled beyond belief and their excursions to find additional traces and capture more evidence of this creature could multiply. But people could also become terrified of the possibility because of all that is unknown about what bigfoot can do.

The concept of bigfoot is kind of like the urban legend of the Boogeyman. bigfoot probably doesn’t live in anyone’s closet or hide under a child’s bed but would it lead to people being afraid to go camping or venturing into the wilderness? Enough is not known about the behavior of a possible bigfoot so people will more than likely have mixed reactions to its true existence. It will be a mixture of curiosity, excitement and fear and the question of the unknown that is traipsing in the darkness.

Unfortunately at this time, there are more questions than answers when it comes to the possibility of finding the DNA of bigfoot. In time, perhaps by circumstance, someone somewhere will stumble upon evidence that can be tested and will either prove or disprove the existence of bigfoot. Until then, this mysterious question still remains just that: an inconclusive puzzle. bigfoot does not lurk in search of us, however, many of us are in search of him. To find evidence of bigfoot’s existence or even proof that multiple bigfoot creatures exist will continue to be a quest for many.

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