Footprints. Wouldn’t they all be easy to fake?

It was in fact proven that the giant footprints reported to be that of bigfooot found at a workers’ campsite in Bull Creek, California in 1958 were part of a prank played by a logger Raymond L. “Ray” Wallace.

After his death, Wallace’s children presented to the public a pair of manufactured wooden feet measuring 16 inches or 41 centimeters that their father had used to perpetuate the Bigfoot prank. On this basis, we can say that footprints can be faked, if you agree the pints were made with wooden feet. The anthropologist David Daegling has, surprisingly, disagreed.

He said that the depth of the impression of the large footprints makes them real, in a sense, and could not have been made by any human. With these conflicting statements and analyses, the only way that these footprints can be considered hard evidence for the existence of the famed animal is for someone to closely follow the footprints and find the creature at the end of them.