Why hasn’t a bigfoot ever been shot? Why no body / bones found?

There are two possible angles why fossilized bones or even a body of a Bigfoot has never been unearthed or discovered. The first reason is attributed to the hoax theory. Most of the Bigfoot sightings have been dismissed outright as a hoax perpetrated by people who want to get financial or practical gain. The second reason can be the purportedly elusive nature of the Bigfoot. The documented sightings that include the Patterson-Gimlin film shows the Bigfoot to be a very mobile creature with a speed of movement that is above that of a human. It also seems to prefer isolation and being hidden. In fact, Patterson in his interviews indicated that his group was only able to take a short film of the creature because of the element of surprise-they came upon it while they were rounding an overturned huge tree trunk. There are uncovered fossilized remains of the ancient and extinct giant ape, Gigantopithecus, said to be a precursor of Bigfoot, discoved in 1935 that some experts point out as proof of the existence of the legendary animal.


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