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clam lake
United States
Describe what you were doing at time of sighting
I work for a surveying crew and my crew which consists of one other fellow and I. We were surveying anwetland area about 3 miles east of Clam Lake, WI. With this sort of job I spend an amazing amount ofntime in the woods. Almost 8 hours a day, 365 days a year. I have seen bears, wolves, bobcats, and a lynxnthroughout my 33 years of surveying. What I saw this past fall was something that I have never seennbefore however. Clam Lake is a very, very small town, quite a few miles from anything really. I grew upnonly about 5 miles from town so I know this area very well. Now Clam Lake is nothing more than annintersection of two highways, Hwy GG, and Hwy 77. After we were done working, we packed up ourntruck and headed west on 77 until we got to Hwy GG. From there we took Hwy GG north. I had onlynbeen on Hwy GG for a couple of minutes when I came around a slight bend in the road. I later went backnand found it to be 5.2 miles on the odometer of my truck. It was fall and it was just starting to get dark,nbut not too dark. I was going approx. 55 mph, and suddenly from nowhere, and I mean nowhere a large,ndark figure stepped from the ditch on my right side. On this particular stretch of highway, the road isnvery narrow, and drops off sharply on each side of the road and immediately into thick underbrush. AndnI mean thick. This land is mostly swamp and low lands, but can then abruptly change into steep andnalmost bluff-like. I figure the creature stepped onto the road only 50 feet from me. I really didn’t believenmy eyes at first. Now I have to tell you that this happened really fast, it was there and it was gone. Itnstepped from the ditch and forest underbrush and crossed the road in just a few, powerful steps, andnwas gone into the underbrush and forest on the other side. I had absolutely no time to hit the brakes ornanything. It happened that fast.
Describe what you heard / found / saw
The creature was not running and acted in no way scared. It just simplyncrossed the road and vanished as quickly as it had appeared. At the same time I passed over the spotnwhere it had crossed I immediately smelled an odor that resembled fox urine. When I varmint hunt Inused a fox urine that you can buy in the store as a masking odor, and this is exactly what I thought thisnsmelled like. The creature that I saw was at least six foot tall, maybe six and a half, but no taller, I havento guess the weight at 300 lbs. I am not good at weight, so my estimate may not be very reliable. I amngood at guessing height and I would bet at least 6 foot. It had very wide shoulders, and its body taperednvery little. The torso was wide and very barrel shaped. It had long arms and strangley short legs. But notntoo short. It had approx. 3 inch fur, thick and brown colored. Its head was small, and it had no neck, nonears, and its head was rather pointed actually. Like I said though it was there and then it was gone. Hadnit walked out a split second I would have surely hit it with my truck. As soon as this had happened Inturned to my partner in the truck with me and said, “Did you see that?” And he said he had definitelynseen something, but admitted he was not looking ahead at the time but rather looking down at that splitnsecond. I pulled the truck over and sat for a minute, a little shook up, but actually questioning my ownneyes. I pulled back onto the road and did not drive back, not out of fear or anything like that, but rathernjust out of disbelief. When I got home I never even said anything to my wife about it at first. I kept goingnover what I had seen, trying like hell to dismiss it. But I really couldn’t. I had heard of Bigfoot scince I was younger and never really believed in it. My belief was that something of that size would have beennfound before, it couldn’t possibly hide. But I realized that what I had saw came and went in a second.nAnd was completely gone again the next. I guess that is what made me a believer. I ended up telling mynwife later that night and she tells me I “thought” I saw what I saw. But now she is convinced I saw whatnI saw. My partner never doubted me.
Describe the time of year and the environment
Fall, October 20th, 2005
Have there been any other reports ro talk in your area
not that I am aware of.
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