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Describe what you were doing at time of sighting
My father and I were going gigging on the black river opening night of gigging season on sept. 15th.wenwere motoring down the river just before dark.
Describe what you heard / found / saw
we was headed down the river in the boat when we both seen the creature at the same time crossing anshoal in the river about 2 holes of water down... approximately 150 yrds. away.the creature stood aboutn6'1\\2 to 7ft tall and was making his way across the river in about 2 ft. of water.The beast was a blackishngray color and very hairy.He heard and saw the boat and paused and we were getting closer about 75nyrds. closer. he hurried across the shoal and onto the gravel bar. we could of seen more of him but thiernwas alot of brush and bottoms that he dissapered in.ncuriosity got the best of us and we had to go see if there was any tracks in the sand... there was... but thenbeast must have wieghed so much that he made more of an indention than a print..but it was huge.. wenhave only told close family about the sighting. you know how people react when you tell them you havensaw a sasquatch. that was the only time we have ever saw anything of the sort but living on the blacknriver only about 1and 1\\2 miles from the sightingnmakes me alittle more cautious when i am at the river alone.
Describe the time of year and the environment
it was the end of summer almost the beggining of fall here in southeast missouri. it was around 80ndegrees and right before dark. the environment was pretty hilly, with some caves on the right hand sidenas you are coming down the river.alot of river bottoms and plenty to feed on. I have been watching thencaves that are in the general area of the sighting. There is alot of disturbed ground around the caves andnin the general vicinity. broken branches, big boulders moved etc..
Have there been any other reports ro talk in your area
a few old timers have told stories about Sighting and sounds.
Additional comments
until now i was a little skeptical.... now I AM A FIRM BELIEVER IN WHAT I SAW!!
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