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Describe what you were doing at time of sighting
Appx. 3 miles downstream from nearest bridge on abandoned railroad grade requiring a tough wadenacross the Klickitat River. The road is on the NW bank of the river (opposite the grade) for appx. 6.5nmiles until the next bridge at Pitt. We were walking down the grade to swing flies through one last runnbefore dark, as it would be too dark in an hour. My fishing partner had blown right past it and was angood 100 feet in front of me (I always try not to hurry when I'm out
Describe what you heard / found / saw
Appx. 12.5inch X 6inch (I have two photos) single LEFT footprint depressed into moist (it showered thennight before) hardpack sandy soil. Our wading boot imprints were mere outlines, perhaps 1/8 into the soil. I pounded a boot print next to it and managed a whole 1/4
Describe the time of year and the environment
It was fall. It was the opening weekend for modern-rifle deer hunting. We heard no gunshot the entirentwo days there and assumed hunting activity was taking place well out of the canyon proper. Because theneast side of the river canyon faces west, the east side is more heavily vegetated than the leeward westnside (Klickitat runs appx. N to S into Columbia), something that had me turned around both days afterninitially entering canyon for first time, twisting, in the dark. There were alot of spawned out andnspawning King Salmon in the river at the time, wreaking havoc with our attempts to locate steelheadn(one caught, not mine). I think gunfire on higher surrounding ground may have driven the creaturendown to the river bottom and/or the available salmon may have been a known feeding opportunity atnthat time of year. The Klickitat River Canyon is in and of itself a border between arid Oak/Steppe andnTimbered Highland. You can see the two intertwine all along the river corridor from Wahkiacus to Pitt especially.
Have there been any other reports ro talk in your area
Plenty of reports to the W-NW at appx 25-miles out.
Additional comments
I am not reporting this for attention or for gain. In fact, I'd prefer to remain completely anonymous. Instrongly feel that this is an incomprehensibly unique creature. I've heard it once, and seen its sign andnprints more than just a couple times in my days of chasing trout (a sometimes steelheader)
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