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My friends and family and I were Kayaking across Sullivan Lake in North Eastern Washington. We hadnspent the entire day slowly making our way around the side of the lake that is unpopulated (there is anhighway on the opposite side of the lake). We
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When I spotted him(?) it was around 4:30-5:00 pm. It was a very bright, sunny day. Very good kayakingnweather (no wind!).Sullivan lake is nestled in between dense forested mountains. It is where the bighornnsheep winter. The banks are very steep and it is very unpopulated. It is A very large lake that tooknus all day to kayak and we never saw any other boaters. The only human interaction with it seemed to be where the campground area is, and the highway on the opposite side. VERY BEAUTIFUL! Thisnhappened on October 9.
Have there been any other reports ro talk in your area
This was the first time I had ever heard of anything about Sasquatch or Bigfoot being in this area. Inalways thought there were Sighting on the coastal areas of Washington, but never anything this farninland.
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Just that we all had felt uneasy at the campground. There were a few other people that were there whennwe first arrived, but they left quite a while before our group did. All of us felt like we were being watchednwhile at the beach. Also that it surprised me the way he (?) was sitting and the color of his fur was not atnall what I had expected. Even the shape of his head was more human than mongoloid or ape shaped. Henhad high cheekbones and a strong jaw, but he most definatly looked like an elderly man from a distance,nnot animal at all (except for thick silver fur). It also seprised me how quickly he was able to get out of thenclearing and dissapear.As steep as the bank was, he must have been extremely agile and quick! I did hearnsome twigs snap very briefly,when I could no longer see him, but my eyes couldn't pick up on his colornin the trees after he left the stump.
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