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Bigfoot Bytes

Summaries and links for bigfoot / cryptozoology articles from around the net.


Close encounter of the ‘Yowie’ kind

While fads in phenomena have swung through crop circles, aliens and conspiracy theories; one phenomena that refuses to go away and regularly surfaces with each new ‘sighting or encounter’ is that of the mythical Australian creature known as a Yowie.

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Bombs, blood and Bigfoot

Bombs, car accidents and even Bigfoot sightings set the stage for the journalism and communication department’s day of simulated crisis, CommStrong, on Friday.

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Interest in Sasquatch rekindled on Vancouver Island

Victoria will play host to a panel discussion about the elusive creature on April 23— the second such event on the Island in less than a month.

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Police check on man seeking Bigfoot

Not to worry — the man informed officers he was only looking for Bigfoot in the predawn hours.

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Bigfoot descended from Homo erectus, says researcher


An Australian cryptozoologist has claimed Bigfoot – the alleged mysterious ape-like creature that allegedly roams the northwest of the United States – is actually a descendant of our distant ancestor Homo erectus.

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