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Sighting Year
Nearest City
Martins Ferry,
United States
Describe what you were doing at time of sighting
I was doing yardwork for my Mom
Describe what you heard / found / saw
I was 14 at the time.We lived on a 80 acre farm. I was helping my Mom out with some yard work. Mynsheepdog was acting strange, standing real still, and the hair on her back was standing straight up. Shenwas looking up into one of our fields. I saw what looked to be a very tall man running through our fieldnat a very fast pace. As it got closer I could see that this was a very very large man. There was a fence atnthe edge of our field and on the other side of the fence was pretty thick woods. What ever it was jumpednthe 5ft. fence in full stride into the woods and never missed a step. It never got any closer than 25-30nyards. I'm not even sure it new we were watching. The whole time my dog who was normally verynprotective never barked but she stood by my side with the hair on her back standing straight up.
Describe the time of year and the environment
It was a spring evening. The sun had just gone down and it was very damp.
Have there been any other reports ro talk in your area
Not sure
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