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Sighting Year
Nearest City
United States
Describe what you were doing at time of sighting
I was on a walk with my dog.
Describe what you heard / found / saw
When me and my dog chico where walking in the woods behind our house I heard these footstepsnbehind me. I turned around and nothin was there so I figured nothin of it. So chico and I kept goin.nabout a half hour later in the distance about 100 yards or so I saw this human like animal making itsnway across the feild I was in and off into the brush of the mountain side I turned to find that my dognhad ran back to the house. I was kind of in shock from what I had just seen so I didn't take off runningnlike my dog but I did turn around and start heading back towards the house, as I was making my waynback I turned around and saw two more running across the feild. Along with them making there waynacross the feild I heard the screeching sounds of this beast howl. Thats when I started running backnhome.
Describe the time of year and the environment
it was 1990, it was early fall, the landscape was very tree covered with alot of grass in the feild
Have there been any other reports ro talk in your area
Not that anyone has said most are afraid of beingt called a lunatic
Additional comments
I will always be looking for another sighting to happen
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