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United States
Describe what you were doing at time of sighting
Donna P., The friend with the Mom at the time of the sighting
Describe what you heard / found / saw
During the spring of 2000, my Mom and her friend were going to town, it was in the evening when wensaw it. As my Mom left she reminded me to lock up, so I went to the door to lock it. As I locked the door,nI watched my Mom and her friend drive past throught the window on the left side of my door. When Inlooked out side I noticed the outline of a pair of legs strolling through my neighbors yard. My firstnthought was that someone wearing adidas pants was going through my neighbor's yard and that some onnmust be snooping around. Being the nosy person that I am, I cupped my hands on the glass to get anbetter look. When I did, I saw a large dark redish brown brown figure with long stringy hair, About 8.5'ntall. It seemed so musclular and it's legs did not straighten but remained bent. As it walked it swayed it'snarms back and forth as I watched in amazement. When I realized it it was something out of the ordinarynI panicked and jumped back behind the door. When I looked back it was gone, Moments later the phonenrang, it was my Mom on her cellular phone. She sounded very startled when I answered it andnautomatically ordered me to make sure the dog was in and all the doors and windows locked becausenshe had just seen something very weird. On hearing this I was relieved that I wasn't losing my mind. Shensaid they were almost to the end of my street when a large animal with long reddish brown hair crossednthe road in front of them and took one easy step over my neighbors barbed wire fence (mom clarified itnwas a metal gate) and kept going.nIn interviewing the mom, she explained to me that she might have seen the sasquatch Chris was lookingnat if she had looked to the left into her neighbors yard as she drove by. But, her and her girl friend werendistracted looking down the street at a very large man standing next to a 6' 6
Describe the time of year and the environment
This is a residental neighborhood across the river from the city of Morton. It is also the Tilton RivernValley lined with high rugged mountains. The elevation is a little below 900 feet but the surroundingnpeaks raise to 3,000' and above. The Duck Ponds are a magnet for sasquatch activity the last 5nyears.Clear cold Saturday night at about 10:30 P.M. The moon was 3/4 to full. Beautiful frosty night.nJust guessing on the date of April and the 15th. But might be able pin point if looking at an old calandar.
Have there been any other reports ro talk in your area
About a year before my intial sighting, I was fishing in the Tilton River at Gus Backstrom Park. I wasntalking to an older guy about bass fishing at an area around my neighborhood known as the DucknPonds. He said that
Additional comments
Their big german shepherd, rotwilier mix (who is very territorial) at times would race through the backnyard and into brush to apprehend a would be intruder and come sprinting back and make dive for hisnbed in the garage and wimper. All these events made sense to this family after their sighting.
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