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Sighting Year
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near Escanaba
United States
Describe what you were doing at time of sighting
Hello,nI offer the following potential
Describe what you heard / found / saw
Right outside Escanaba, MI, I used to hitch-hike along dark, thickly wooded Danforth road quite a bitnfrom about age 11 till high-school graduation. On two separate occasions, I found myself out therenbetween the hours of 1 & 3AM being followed by something about 30 feet off the road in the woods. Itnwas so dark, I couldn't see my own hand in front of my face. I could very clearly hear footsteps in thenwoods parallel with, or just behind my own. When I stopped, it stopped. When I continued, ITncontinued. I stopped and threw rocks and sticks toward it, I whistled very loudly and shrilly - to no avail.nWhatever it was, it would not scare off. When I started running, IT started running, stomp, STOMP! so Inquit doing that right away to avoid encouraging a chase. I could hear nothing but loud foot steps -nrustling, shuffling with an occasional twig-snap. No breathing, sniffing, grunting or growling. This wasnnot an alternating clomping type of foot-fall like I would have expected from a hooved quadruped suchnas a deer or horse. It seemed large for a bear, and I would have expected a bear to more stealthful and tonscare off more easily. A cougar, or lynx perhaps...? No, too large - and clumsy for its obviousness.nThe traffic was very light on that road at that time and it could be 15 - 20 minutes between cars. The firstntime it happened the thing followed me a half- mile or so. When a car finally came, the vehicle did not stop for me, but I was relieved just the same thinking surely whatever my company was would be scarednoff by the noise and light. It was not! It kept with me. Now I was even blinder by the car's light - withnbrights on to see and pass me. It could've walked right up to my face and I wouldn't have seen it!. I wasnnearly panic-stricken and shouting in the dark:
Describe the time of year and the environment
February cold wintery
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