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Sighting Year
Nearest City
United States
Describe what you were doing at time of sighting
I work for the U.S. Border Patrol. I was at work, patrolling at night near Yuma, Arizona for illegalnimmigrants.
Describe what you heard / found / saw
I was patrolling with my partner about 3:00am in the morning on a Tuesday. We have a lot of motionndetectors, etc. in the area near the river to detect people crossing into the United States.nWhen one of the alarms goes off, we get dispatched over to it so we can round up any people we find outnthere. It's not so bad this time of year, but a lot of people have been dying of dehydration in the desert,nso we've started with a quicker response time. But that's beside the point.nAn alarm went off around 3am, and since my partner and I were closest to it, we got dispatched outnthere to have a look. We had our lights off and drove up there pretty quiet, you never know if you'rengoing up against an armed coyote (trafficker) or not. Anyway, I was driving and using night visionngoggles, when about 70 yards off I saw what I thought was the biggest Mexican I've ever seen! I hit mynhalogen spotlights and my partner nearly jumped out of his seat! I took off the goggles and saw a large,nextremely hairy creature take off running into the bushes. We knew then we weren't after an illegal. Wengave chase for a minute or two, but he kept dodging out of the spotlights and eventually made off intonthe hills into terrain we couldn't access.nMy partner and I didn't know whether we should file a report or anything, so we went back and talked tonour CO. He got kind of nervous and said for us to wait. After a couple hours some guys from thengovernment, not wearing any uniforms or insignia, came to visit us. They told us that we hadn't seennanything unusual and it was probably someone in a coat or in disguise or a shaggy coat and asked us not to talk about it.nWe said OK, but what we saw was not a human. Someone wearing that much clothing, if it was clothing,ncouldn't have moved that fast. And most people outside the NBA just aren't that tall, either.nIn the past week or so, I've casually mentioned this to other officers here. Some look at me like I'mncrazy, but a few have told me about similar experiences that they've been afraid to report. Apparently,nthese creatures set off the alarms every now and then. Our guess is that they're coming out of the hills tonget water from the river. They don't do it so much because of the highway, but they still come. Also, ancouple of the officers say that they've picked up illegals who saw creatures like this coming back fromnthe river.
Describe the time of year and the environment
It was a fairly cold night on the desert, near the foothills by Yuma.
Have there been any other reports ro talk in your area
Yes, by other agents, but we're
Additional comments
Sorry I can't provide contact information. I was told not to discuss this, but this needs to beninvestigated. I think that if some serious people came down here and maybe got the Border Patrol toncooperate (please don't ask me) these alarms could help capture or track down one of these creaturesnand prove its existence forever.
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