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Sighting Year
Nearest City
Mt Pleasant,
United States
Describe what you were doing at time of sighting
A friend of mine was leaving my house late one eveneing...we had been playin' dominoes. My friendncame back to my front door and gave a loud bang. I rushed to the door and opened it to see what henneeded. My friend informed me that he had seen a figure of a person at the edge of the woods infront ofnmy trailer house.We had been having prowlers and late night disturbances so I decided to get my pistolnand investigate.
Describe what you heard / found / saw
Through the course of the investigation I found my beliefs and sense of reasonability being seriouslyntested. My dog and I were walking in the direction that my friend had pointed us when to my left Inheard several unusual noises.The sounds were coming from the far side of and old stock tank. I stoppednin my tracks but my faithful Australian Shepherd darted with a quickness to the area where the soundsnhad originated. On more than one occasion that dog kept me out of harms way by detecting andnattacking snakes, and other wild creatures, but this particular time she did not attack. The dog made ancircle around the pond and came back ears up and fur standing. She was extremely quiet... Not so muchnas a whimper. My first inclination was to believe that someone was dumping a body or a moon shinenstill in our pond. I heard several loud splashes as if someone were throwing something incriminatingninto the water.Then I realized that mixed in with the splashing I could hear the sound of twigs snappingnalong with the sound of heavy foot steps. It happened to be a clear Summer night and the moon wasnalmost full. On the other side of the pond dozens of oak and pine sapplings stood illuminated by ansilvery lunar glow. I heard a voice in my right ear saying in disbelief what the **** is that? I turned and saw my friend standing at the edge of my right shoulder. I then turned back around to a horrific image. I saw a silhouette of an erect being lumbering along the far imbankment of my pond. I was terrorized by the overwhelming size of this enormous creature. It's head was level in height with the tops of the many of the young trees. I raised my pistol and fired what must have been atleas five shots in the direction of the menacing figure. This did not at all phase the monster. We took our cue and headed for the safety of our trailor home.
Describe the time of year and the environment
Warm/summer/heavily wooded
Have there been any other reports ro talk in your area
Additional comments
This was not the only occasion that we encountered a situation simular to this one. But it is definitelynthe most interesting and chilling account. We still own land in the Sulpher River area, but we no longernlive there.n[admin: replaced a word with *'s to try and keep the site clean]
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