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Sighting Year
Nearest City
Covelo Indian res.
United States
Describe what you were doing at time of sighting
Deer and Pig hunting.
Describe what you heard / found / saw
I was long range glassing for game. The other side of the Eel River was about 500 yards. To far to shootnbut you could spot game well. Interspersed brush and large wild grass meadows. I could see a total of anmile of distance from east to west. A great vantage point I used often. I had been seeing lots ofnmovement. Birds, some deer, and a herd of 15 cattle or so. They were vertually all the copper color ofnherefords. As I glassed the brush around them. (pigs will sometimes hang around cattle) I watched whatnI first thought was a huge boar sitting up under some Manzanita and Doug Fir. Once in a while it wouldnmove a little which is how I first saw it. It was at the top of the meadow about 50 yards above the closestncows-a cow and young calf. I looked at some other areas and when I looked back it was gone. I thoughtnit had moved farther up under the brush but when I dropped the binoculars I could see what looked likena man walking down at an agle to the cattle. I remember wondering what anyone would be doing overnthere without a gun, not wearing a hat, and wearing a heavy coat?nThe meadow rose up to a finger ridge, with a steep feeder creek on the other side. I had been over therenand knew that the gully ran up and over the first line of hills by the river. I put the glasses on him for 30nseconds or so before he went over the top. He was at least 6 feet tall compared to the catle which Infigured were 4 feet tall at the shoulders. He was walking bent forward. In no apparent hurry, and nevernlooked at the cattle that I saw. He was greyish in brighter light and solid black when in shade. After henwent out of sight I began to think I had seen something odd. That place at that time I knew our groupnwere the only ones with hunting rights in the area. Also, I could never see a face. Even from the side. Itnwas like he had on a had to shade his face but I know he did not have a hat on. I was 16 at the time andnnot aware of anything like a bigfoot. My Grand father, who I was with at the time hadn't either. Henthought it must have been an Indian on the res checking the cattle. But I know that cattlemen usenhorses in that country, always have. It wasn't long after this sighting that I saw the Patterson film. I havenspent much of my life in the woods, know every animal, bug, and most of the plants. I track and stalkngame all the time. I have seen lots of bear and cougar, and of course wild pig. I even saw three beutifulnbright white deer not far from there. I found out later they had been planted.
Describe the time of year and the environment
Warm to hot days in August. Dry conditions. That part of the Eel river is mostly timber, scrub, with lotsnof meadowland.There were only a couple of small Highways running east and west between this part of CA and well into Oragon at that time.
Have there been any other reports ro talk in your area
none that I know of in Mendocino County, though I have heard of evidence close to Hayfork/Hympomnin Trinity Natn'l forest.
Additional comments
Since that time I have seen tracks up at lake Almanor in Plumas county, and talked with a party ofnhunters who said they a bigfoot walk across a cut at dawn in September 1991. They werent shook up innfact only mentioned it matter of factly when I asked if they had seen anything that morning. I was notnamazed, don't think I was fooled. I have always known that anyone who does not think a creature likenthat could hide has either never been in the kind of country I have been in...or is just goofy. There is nonway someone would walk around in a fur looking coat in the middle of hunting season, and in thenmiddle of nowhere, just to pull a prank. I think a Gerraff, or anteater would be a bigger surprise than anbigfoot to someone who had never seen any of them before.
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