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United States
Describe what you were doing at time of sighting
Driving to hunting location.
Describe what you heard / found / saw
This is something I’ve debated mentioning for over a year now but I’m going to go ahead and say this. I want to say this was early to mid-October 2011 when my wife and I were driving west towards mile marker 26 on Hwy 66 in southern Oregon to go hunting. To the best of my recollection this is what happened. My wife and I were headed to a hunting spot and we were cruising along at 45-55 miles an hour. While heading to a hunting location we will still be looking for deer but going at a faster speed. I call this speed hunting. We were driving a stretch of this highway and it was just before mile marker 26, on the east side. It was kind of straight with a small bump or hill in the road in the near distance. I was driving and on my left was an area next to the road that was slightly treed but easy to see through. We could see about a 100 yards straight back off the road before it became more heavily treed. Coming up fast on our left was where the trees got thick again and this semi clearing was going to end. So I would call this and L shaped tree line. Running to our left, away from the road and us we saw something moving very fast. It was sparsely treed but we could still see very clearly. My observation of what I saw was a 7-8 foot tall, hairy creature running almost full throttle. Since I was the one driving I couldn’t give my 100 % full attention to this thing running. The things that I did notice were it was very hairy, ran on 2 legs and had long arms. To be more specific, the hair was black and flowing from head to waist. Black hair from head to torso then a reddish cinnamon hair color from torso to waist. I can’t remember from the waist down for some reason. I think it happened too fast and I was a little caught off guard. It was sprinting but for some reason I didn’t feel it was full speed. I’m pretty sure it was running because we caught it off guard and spooked it. What I did notice was it looked like a lot of the Bigfoot that I have seen on TV shows. So after we passed it I looked at my wife and I asked her “did you see that?” Well to my surprise she did see something. We established that it was out of the ordinary. We both agreed we just saw a Bigfoot but yet part of us just wanted to say no we didn’t! We talked a little about it and kind of dismissed it having second guessing ourselves. So this year it was hunting time again and we found ourselves going down Hwy 66 again. We started looking for the same spot we had our encounter. Both of us had really never talked about this the past year. So I brought it up again to my wife and I described what I saw a year ago. Strangely enough our remembrance of what we both saw was pretty close. So we are figuring that we really did something out of the ordinary. We’ve been hunting for years and have seen a lot of animals out in the wild. We have seen Antelope, Elk, Deer, Bear, Bison, Bobcats, Emu, Turkeys and other creatures. We now for a fact it was not anything we had ever seen before. This thing stayed on 2 legs and never went down on all fours. My wife, Lori, and I are not attention seekers and have nothing to gain from this. We enjoy just keeping a low profile in life but we felt we should say something about what we saw. Thank you for reading this.
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Early to mid-October 11:00am or so.
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