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Sighting Year
Nearest City
United States
South Carolina
Describe what you were doing at time of sighting
was delivering newspapers early in the morning. The time of the sighting I had was around 6:40am.
Describe what you heard / found / saw
I turned my car on to Lebanon Rd and placed a newspaper in the tube and then proceeded to the nextntube. After placing a newspaper in that tube, someting caught my eye to the far left of my location. I sawna dark shape moving along the tree line at the edge of the cornfield. I turned my vehicle in to get anbetter look and saw a black shape, standing upright walking away from my position. When mynheadlights hit
Describe the time of year and the environment
It was winter and the temperature was in the mid 40's. The skies were partly cloudy and it was dark out.nThe time was at about 6:40am, and it was just starting to get a little light out, the sun would not be outnfor at least 45 minutes. This area is rural, with lots of farmland and woods. The area is flat with no hills.nThe thing I saw was walking along the edge of a recently cut down cornfield along the treeline of thenwooded area.
Have there been any other reports ro talk in your area
Your website only listed one sighting. There is another site I visited that had Sighting in recent yearsnhere in South Carolina. A couple of those Sighting occured in a state forest only about 12 miles fromnwhere I saw this creature, and all occuring in the same county(Berkley).
Additional comments
I have always had an interest in Bigfoot, but never thought I would see one. I have spent many times outnin the wilderness, camping and hiking, and I am very familiar with the wildlife and their characteristics.nThere are very few bear here in the low country of South Carolina, and with that being said, I know whatnI saw definately was not a bear.
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