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I was 16, my best friend and I where run aways. We left San Bernardino California, we traveled through Arizona, we worked small jobs and kept moving. His name is David Thimgan and I have not seen him in years. We had picked up a hitch hiker in Reno and he told us we could get work in Susanville, where he had freinds. Again, I was 16, I am 45 now and a respected member of my area. It was 1971, we where traveling through the mountain roads between Reno and Susanville, the roads where Iceing over. we came around a curve and my lack of experiance put us into a spin on the road. We ended up in my 63 chevy Impala faceing the forest, sideways across the road. There, looking right back at us was something, Half bear, half Gorilla, Yet man like. It only looked at us for a second then ran bak into the trees. Yet, as I looked it in the eyes, it was more than beast, it knew who we where. Needless to say, 29 years ago, we just got our ass's out of there. Not much of a sighting, not a very long sighting. But to this day, as a normal male adult back in the business world of So. Calif. I know Big Foot exits, There is no one who can ever tell me different. If you do not believe me, Find David (last name removed from public viewing).
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