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Sighting Year
Nearest City
United States
Describe what you were doing at time of sighting
Sitting in my truck eating our lunch.
Describe what you heard / found / saw
Our truck is a large 4x4. My dad and I were eating our lunch when he told me to look at the guy walking up the path from the woods next to us. I wondered what the man was high on because it was such a cold rainy day. When he got about 50 or so yards from us, we both realized it was no man. This thing was about 6'8 and must have been over 400 lbs. I say this because dad is 6'4 and I am 6'2. It was covered with hair which looked kind of matted. It was dark brown or black but wet so I do not really know. It had a dark face but we both could see its nose and mouth. I could not make out the eyes because its forehead was really low. It was huge and we were both terrified. Dad was a marine on Tarawa and I have never known him to be that afraid of anything. He told me to get the
Describe the time of year and the environment
Cold, rainy, windy mid day.
Have there been any other reports ro talk in your area
I have always heard things and my wife is a discovery channel nut but never really gave it that much thought.
Additional comments
We went back to the exact spot the next day with my wife, mom and dads friend. The ladies would not get out of the truck. We took dads video camera but did not see the first thing that was worth filming. Next time we will most likely eat in a restaurant. I would love to see it again but not under those circumstances. It was too close and afterwards I worried about the shock of it on dad. He still talks about it almost every day though, and he says it ranks as his most exciting experience since the pacific.
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