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Sighting Year
Nearest City
Messenger Flats
United States
Describe what you were doing at time of sighting
I was 4 wheeling with a friend and we stopped to have lunch.
Describe what you heard / found / saw
This was last year in an area called Messenger Flats and it is on the north end of the San Gabriel Mountains, very remote, not many people. I was there with a friend of mine doing some four-wheeling. We stopped at a little area that had an old campfire to have a little lunch. We were sitting in my truck backed up against a large bush, and in my rear view mirror I saw something large and dark move behind the bush. I turned to see what it was but didn't see anything so I didn’t give it another thought. nThe day was cloudy and misty and being at around 5000-foot elevation we were in the clouds. After lunch myself and my friend got out to water the bushes so to speak, I walk one way and my friend the other. When my friend got back he was kind of quiet. We sat there for a while longer and I heard this thud next to my truck, I looked at him and asked if he had heard that, he said yes and right about that time another thud occurred, this time I saw a rock land next to my truck. nI looked at him and he looked at me and said we needed to leave right now. I said ok as I was feeling uneasy as well. We started to drive off down this road and he looked at me and said he needed to tell me something. He told me that when we were sitting in my truck before we got out to pee, he had heard noises like small rocks landing next to his side of the truck before I mentioned it, and when we were outside the truck when he was doing his business he heard someone walking behind him. He thought it was I so he started talking to me, but I never responded so he turned around and saw I was over next to my truck. nAs he was walking back to my truck he looked up the road and next to this pine tree he said he saw this creature standing there looking at him. He said he could see the hair on the head and shoulders blowing in the wind. As he was standing there looking at this some fog rolled in and blocked the tree from view, but when the fog went by this creature was no longer there. nHe came back to the truck and got in and that’s when we both heard the rocks landing next to my side of the truck. He was pretty shaken up and as he told me all this I was shocked. As it was late I decided to leave and return the next day. I went back but didn't find any prints or anything else, but I left a 20-pound bag of apples and two large heads of cabbage. I returned the next day and there was not any sign of the apples or cabbage anywhere, not even a core, nothing. I walked all over that area looking for even a piece of apple or cabbage but could not find anything. nMy friend served in the U.S. Army and is a big man, but he was very shaken up and the look in his eyes as he told me this convinced me he was telling the truth. This area is not far from an area where there have been multiple sighting over the years.
Describe the time of year and the environment
It was winter although there was no snow in the mountains at the time, it was drizzling and cloudy/foggy.nMountains, 5000 foot elev.nPines and oaks.
Have there been any other reports ro talk in your area
Yes, several reports from the area for many years.
Additional comments
I had another strange encounter not far from this area about a year earlier.
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