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Does bigfoot migrate?

The idea that bigfoot must be a creature that migrates can be linked to its possible predecessor, the giant ape Gigantopithecus whose fossilized remains were mostly found in the Asian continent, particularly China. Bigfoot may have migrated along with the early humans and animals by way of the Bering land bridge that was known to connect Asia with North America during the ancient Pleistocene Ice Age. Again, these are just contentions because of the lack of documentary or physical evidence as to the existence of bigfoot.

Are bigfoot nocturnal?

Bigfoot is widely believed to be nocturnal because most of the reported sightings happen at night. It is also postulated that the creature must be feeding at night. There is no actual evidence, however, to support the contention that bigfoot is nocturnal.

Are sighting reports seasonal or year around?

The sightings reported are numerous and do not seem to indicate a particular pattern in terms of season or time of the year. They occur almost everywhere and at almost anytime. Most of the sightings are in the United States and Canada. There are also sightings reported in Australia, Russia and Asian countries like China, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Footprints. Wouldn’t they all be easy to fake?

It was in fact proven that the giant footprints reported to be that of Bigfooot found at a workers’ campsite in Bull Creek, California in 1958 were part of a prank played by a logger Raymond L. “Ray” Wallace. After his death, Wallace’s children presented to the public a pair of manufactured wooden feet measuring 16 inches or 41 centimeters that their father had used to perpetuate the Bigfoot prank. On this basis, we can say that footprints can be faked. The anthropologist David Daegling has, surprisingly, disagreed.

He said that the depth of the impression of the large footprints makes them real, in a sense, and could not have been made by any human. With these conflicting statements and analyses, the only way that these footprints can be considered hard evidence for the existence of the famed animal is for someone to closely follow the footprints and find the creature at the end of them.

Patterson film, real or hoax?

If you were to ask Roger Patterson who filmed his now infamous Bigfoot film on October 20, 1967, he will naturally reply in the affirmative as he has been doing exactly that since the day the film was shot until his death due to cancer in 1972. His proponents, like the anthropologist Grover Krantz, believe it is real. Krantz even made a detailed examination of the film and presented it to other experts for them to take a look and put in their two-cents worth. He concluded that what he saw on the Patterson film was a manifestation of a truly genuine yet unknown creature on the basis of its gait, the extreme width of its shoulders, the way its knee was bent more than 90%, and its natural-looking muscular structure. He also cited his impression based on his interview with the man that Patterson lacked the ability and the technical knowhow to make such a detailed and realistic costume or representation of Bigfoot. Detractors of Patterson, however, like anthropologists David J. Daegling and Daniel O. Schmitt, who have also examined the film have pointed out that based on the film alone, it is not remotely possible to conclude with certainty on the identity of the subject.

Why hasn’t a bigfoot ever been shot? Why no body / bones found?

There are two possible angles why fossilized bones or even a body of a Bigfoot has never been unearthed or discovered. The first reason is attributed to the hoax theory. Most of the Bigfoot sightings have been dismissed outright as a hoax perpetrated by people who want to get financial or practical gain. The second reason can be the purportedly elusive nature of the Bigfoot. The documented sightings that include the Patterson-Gimlin film shows the Bigfoot to be a very mobile creature with a speed of movement that is above that of a human. It also seems to prefer isolation and being hidden. In fact, Patterson in his interviews indicated that his group was only able to take a short film of the creature because of the element of surprise-they came upon it while they were rounding an overturned huge tree trunk. There are uncovered fossilized remains of the ancient and extinct giant ape, Gigantopithecus, said to be a precursor of Bigfoot, discoved in 1935 that some experts point out as proof of the existence of the legendary animal.

What does a bigfoot eat?

It is reported that they are omnivores. There are many reports of them eating deer, rodents, roots, fruit, berries and fish. There are many more reports of other food items but these seem to be the most common.


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