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Bigfoot Bytes

Summaries and links for bigfoot / cryptozoology articles from around the net.


Close encounter of the ‘Yowie’ kind

While fads in phenomena have swung through crop circles, aliens and conspiracy theories; one phenomena that refuses to go away and regularly surfaces with each new ‘sighting or encounter’ is that of the mythical Australian creature known as a Yowie.

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Bombs, blood and Bigfoot

Bombs, car accidents and even Bigfoot sightings set the stage for the journalism and communication department’s day of simulated crisis, CommStrong, on Friday.

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Interest in Sasquatch rekindled on Vancouver Island

Victoria will play host to a panel discussion about the elusive creature on April 23— the second such event on the Island in less than a month.

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Police check on man seeking Bigfoot

Not to worry — the man informed officers he was only looking for Bigfoot in the predawn hours.

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Bigfoot descended from Homo erectus, says researcher


An Australian cryptozoologist has claimed Bigfoot – the alleged mysterious ape-like creature that allegedly roams the northwest of the United States – is actually a descendant of our distant ancestor Homo erectus.

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Bigfoot in Mission BC?

For some time now the video of a ‘bigfoot’ in Mission BC has been making its way though the web and the news.  My thoughts are that it was just a publicity stunt for their new application, Legend Tracker.  What better advertising is there then a viral video?

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Why hasn’t a bigfoot ever been shot? Why no body / bones found?

There are two possible angles why fossilized bones or even a body of a Bigfoot has never been unearthed or discovered. The first reason is attributed to the hoax theory. Most of the Bigfoot sightings have been dismissed outright as a hoax perpetrated by people who want to get financial or practical gain. The second reason can be the purportedly elusive nature of the Bigfoot. The documented sightings that include the Patterson-Gimlin film shows the Bigfoot to be a very mobile creature with a speed of movement that is above that of a human. It also seems to prefer isolation and being hidden. In fact, Patterson in his interviews indicated that his group was only able to take a short film of the creature because of the element of surprise-they came upon it while they were rounding an overturned huge tree trunk. There are uncovered fossilized remains of the ancient and extinct giant ape, Gigantopithecus, said to be a precursor of Bigfoot, discoved in 1935 that some experts point out as proof of the existence of the legendary animal.

SquatchIt Prototype Scheduled to Make Appearances at Falcon Project Conference and Hopssquatch Events This Weekend

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) June 19, 2013

Craig Woolheater of will be unveiling SquatchIt at both the Falcon Project Conference and Hopssquatch Event on Saturday, June 22, 2013, and Sunday, June 23, 2013. Craig will be representing the premier online destination for all things Sasquatch, as well as demonstrating the SquatchIt Sasquatch predator call and novelty noisemaker device.
“We are so pleased to have Craig on board to unveil SquatchIt to the Sasquatch community. Craig is highly respected by everyone in the community and we are honored to have him introduce SquatchIt, the world’s first Sasquatch predator call”, says Christopher Oliver, co-inventor of SquatchIt.

Craig Woolheater is the creator of, the world’s most popular and authoritative website on the subject of Sasquatch. Cryptomundo is a place to enjoy the adventures, treks, theories, and wisdom of some of the most respected leaders in the field of Cryptozoology.

The Falcon Project Conference will take place at the Bossanova Ballroom 722 East Burnside in Portland, OR on June 22, 2013.
The June 23, 2013 Hopssquatch event will take place from 12:30PM to 4PM on Sunday, June 23, 2013, at The Lucky Labrador Beer Hall 1945 Northwest Quimby Street 1945 Northwest Quimby Street and will feature Dr. Jeff Meldrum & William Barnes of the Falcon Project.

SquatchIt is not only the world’s first novelty Bigfoot “wildlife call” aka a “predator call” product, it’s also a new lifestyle brand phrase that allows people to shrug off situations that really aren’t worth getting upset over; i.e., when you’re in a jam, just SquatchIt! For more information about SquatchIt visit their website at or email contact(at)

Bigfoot trackway found in asian village?

Petaling Jaya (The Star/ANN) – ABOUT 200 Bigfoot-like footprints have been discovered at a village near the state of Negeri Sembilan, causing panic among villagers, reported Malay-language newspaper Harian Metro.

Villager Adnan Pungut, 48, claimed he discovered the footprints when he was clearing rubbish and wood at his rubber estate at 3pm on Saturday.

“I immediately informed the others because I was scared. I told the other villagers and all of us went back to the area.

“We found 200 footprints that were about the same size and tried to follow them,” he was quoted as saying.

One million dollar reward to anyone who can ensure the safe capture of bigfoot

I case you have not yet seen this:

Olympia Beer and Bigfoot have been leaving footprints together in the Pacific Northwest since 1896.

We have been sharing the same backyard for over a century and we believe it’s time to do what has never been done, and that is to offer a one million dollar reward to anyone who can ensure the safe capture of Bigfoot. When we say safe capture that means Bigfoot has to be alive and breathing folks, with no wounds. That’s right you can’t use any act of violence, no guns/knives/boxing gloves/nets/etc, only sugar or sweets to lure him in.

To see more and the official rules visit their website at

What evidence most supports the existence of bigfoot?

It is sad to note that the physical evidences presented by believers of the bigfoot theory like footprints or tracks, hair that does not match any known animal hair samples, and even scat or droppings not known be that of any carnivorous animal do not conclusively prove the existence of Bigfoot. Even the photographic and video evidences have been dismissed as inconclusive. The various reported sightings of the creature, though undoubtedly large in number, have also been brief or fleeting and did not permit the would-be witnesses to really take a close unimpeded look at the Bigfoot. It is these very sightings, though, that have lent credibility to and perpetuated the legend of the bigfoot. It may very well be the one evidence that will bear out its existence.

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