I can not think of a more fascinating area of research for anyone interested in biology or natural history than cryptozoology. Cryptozoology goes beyond the study of known animals. It delves into the unknown. The main purpose of cryptozoology is to gather evidence for the existence of animals not yet known to science and expose the misconception that there is no room left for a large primate to hide.

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We are updating the site.

As many of our frequent visitors have noticed, many of the features here on the Sasquatch Information Society website have not been working 100%, including our sightings database.

We’ve been working hard to get the site updated. This included a new custom database. This new code will allow us to be a bit more flexible un the future. We plan to have more statistics and custom data dumps to help researchers or anyone else that may need or want a specific dataset.

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Be part of something BIG.

I’m Robert Murdock and i’m the founder of the Sasquatch Information Society. I’ve teamed up with video game designer, and long time Sasquatch enthusiast Eli Wolff to create a children’s book based on Sasquatch. The name of the book is The Big Camping trip, and it’s the story of Cody and his family going on […]

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